The Amazon River by Jamie & Lachie
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The Amazon River is the biggest river by capcity and 12 gigalitres ( 12 billion litres) flow down the Amazon every second.

The Amazon River Information Report
The Amazon is a finite and vulnerable resource in South America. It flows through 3 different countries and sustains the life of a variety of flora and fauna. The Amazon has a rich history filled with different myths and legends that flow through the river. People use the Amazon for Agriculture and Tourism and the river has many issues affecting the people and animals that live around each second.

The Amazon contains more than 1/3 of all species and these animals have to adapt to different environments and weather conditions. The Amazon feeds thousands of animals that come from the Amazon Rainforest and the river itself is home to an array of wildlife including sea cows and giant otters; there is only approximately three thousand giant otters left in the world and most of them live in the Amazon. Even though the Amazon is mostly wetland, the animals that live there have to adapt to different environments throughout the Amazon.

The Amazon River runs through 3 different countries and in the length is the 2nd longest river in the world. The Amazon starts in the city of Rio Negro. The argued length of the Amazon is approximately 6800km. The average depth of the Amazon is 20.26m. The countries it runs through are Brazil, Peru and Columbia. The river also has the world’s largest basin of 7050, 000km. The Amazon also accounts for 1/5 of the worlds total water flow as 12 gigalitres runs through the Amazon each second.

The Amazon has a rich history and an interesting variety of myths and legends that flow through the river. The first European to explore the Amazon was Francisco De Orellana, a Spanish soldier 1541-1542. Orellana told of seeing women warriors so he named the river the Amazon River for the women warriors of Greek mythology. A myth of the Amazon is created by the pink Amazon River dolphin. In traditional Amazon River folklore, at night, an Amazon River dolphin becomes a handsome young man who seduces girls, impregnates them, and then returns to the river in the morning to become an Amazon River dolphin again. However when a person is taken into the dolphins world of the dark Amazon waters, he or she is immediately transformed into a dolphin. If this happens, this person will never come back to be a human again.

The Amazon suffers from six major issues that adversely affects flora, fauna and humans. One of the major issues affecting the environment is untreated sewage. The growing population along the banks of the Amazon has caused this untreated sewage. Due to farming and industries the Amazon rainforest is being cut down causing another big issue, dead animals. Because of the introduction of new species, the native animals are being wiped out and that is another reason for dead animals floating in the Amazon. Again because of the growing population, overfishing is a major issue because families have to fish to live.

The Amazon four major uses that effect the people that live around the river. The Amazon is used as a great drinking source for the native people that live around the river and all the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest. Another big use of the Amazon is agriculture. The river is usually used by native farmers than big companies. Tourism plays a big part in the Amazon. Some activities you can do there are is, sightseeing, sailing and fishing.
The Amazon

They’re killing the river
Stealing the fish
Killing the dolphins
There are clean patches
Thriving with life
Then there are polluted patches
Dead animals floating
Untreated sewage
And worst of all
People are cutting down
My beautiful trees
These are just some of
The problems killing me
The rain falls
The people go
I get to live another day
The native people come back
They treat me like a god